Photo courtesy of Jefferson May Photography.

Farming has taught us a lot. It has taught us the value of hard work and persistence, that things generally work out in the long run and that family is paramount. Raising crops and cattle, we farmed traditionally for many years and in 2004 we took a leap of faith and transitioned our conventional farm to one that focused heavily on hydroponic growing methods.

The agricultural roots of our family run deep, and we are so proud that 5 generations of Meyers have impacted this important industry. Over the past 15 years we have met an astounding amount of amazing people and managed to get pretty darn good at growing living herbs along the way. It is with heavily mixed emotions that we have decided to bring this chapter of our lives to a close. We are sad to say goodbye to something we’ve loved so much but are looking forward to devoting more time to family, especially our growing number of delightful grandchildren, and finding new ways to share our knowledge of this unique farming practice with others. We are immensely grateful for the support we’ve received along the way; from the relationships we’ve established with our local grocers to every single person that has enjoyed our products in their homes. Kansas City will continue to be the place we call home and we hope if you see us around town, you’ll say hello!

With Many Thanks,
Jeff & Pam Meyer

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