Now in its fifth generation of farmers, our family's agricultural roots run deep. The third generation to farm, Calvin and Annette Meyer worked with their son Jeff at their side for many years before officially forming Cal-Ann Farms in 1979.

After 19 years of working in the dairy industry and the passing of both Calvin and Annette, Jeff and his wife Pam made the switch to beef cattle and crop farming. The buildings that housed the dairy operation sat unused, which ultimately led to a creative adaptation of their re-use.

We began an aquaponics system, something Jeff researched and built with the help of his family. Raising Tilapia and vegetables in an adjoining greenhouse, it took several years to work out the kinks and feel comfortable with the process.

Soon after, we began to grow basil in a separate, hydroponic system that allowed us to experiment with a natural and efficient growing process to cultivate our produce.

As we made our move into locally farmed produce, we maintained the name, Cal-Ann Farms as a testament to its founders, Calvin and Annette and the past generations of Meyers that helped make us what we are today. We are excited to distribute our product through area markets because they wholeheartedly embrace and encourage locally grown produce.

We feel comfortable knowing that only the best product will reach the consumer and we can now share our love of "homegrown" farming with the residents of Kansas City.

Cal-ann farms would like to thank all of our friends and family for their continued support. And a very special thanks to Michelle Chavey for her hard work and dedication. We owe much of our success to you.