How do I care for my basil?
Visit our care instructions page for more information.

Where is your farm located?
Cal-Ann Farms was founded in Basehor, KS and remains there today. Basehor is about 20 miles West of the Kansas City Metro area.

Why do you leave the roots on?
The roots remain on the plant to keep it as fresh as possible. Your basil will live 2-3 times longer than cut herbs.

Is this dirt in the package?
It's not dirt that the roots are growing around, it's peat, an organic growing medium that doesn't promote bacteria growth.

I found a bug! Why?
We do our very best to eliminate all pests. However, because we don't use any synthetic pesticides, you may find the occasional bug. We also use beneficial bugs like ladybugs and lacewings to control harmful pests in the greenhouse. If you find a bug, dispose of it, but don't worry - it's all part of the fresh experience!

What methods do you use to grow the basil?
We use a form of hydroponics to grow our living basil. See the Growing Methods page to learn more.

What else do you grow?
Currently basil is the only living herb we grow, but wer are looking to grow others in the near future. We'd love to hear your suggestions for other products. Please email us at info@calannfarms.com.

Where can I find your naturally raised tilapia?
Currently, our tilapia is not for sale as we have temporarily shut down our aquaponics system for repairs. You can continue to find our hydroponically grown herbs in Hen House, Price Chopper, Whole Foods and Hyvee stores across the metro area.