Cal-Ann Farms uses a form of hydroponics to grow our living basil. Hydroponics is a growing technique where plants are cultivated without soil. It's a fairly simple process. All the food (minerals) that plants use when they grow in the soil are the same minerals that are dissolved in water to feed the plants hydroponically. A hydroponic garden or farm needs the same elements as a soil garden or farm: water, food, light, the right temperature, air movement and care. Two forms of hydroponics are commonly practiced. A solution culture system only utilizes water to grow the plants. A similar technique using a soilless medium is also a form. Cal-Ann Farms is utilizing peat, an organic growing medium to keep the plant's roots contained and moist but the plant still receives all its nutrients from the water.

Each plant is started from seeds which grow in shallow beds. Nutrient rich water floods the plants several times a day. Natural light is sufficient for most of the year but when days are short light levels are supplemented. The resulting produce is protected from the elements, soil borne diseases are virtually eliminated, weeds are not a concern and edible crops are not contaminated with soil. Unfortunately, hydroponic techniques have not been certified organic at this time but Cal-Ann farms is proud of the fact that we grow only all natural products, free of synthetic pesticides.

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